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3 Simple Steps to Add Google Analytics in WordPress

Google Analytics is an extremely valuable tool for any website because of the information it provides. Google Analytics helps the webmasters to find the visitor counts, bounce rate, live visitors on the site, landing page information, the period of stay and a lot many other valuable stuff.

In short, a blogger who is serious about his profession, can’t afford to ignore the Analytics. In this tutorial I will show you how to add Google Analytics code to your WordPress in some simple steps.

Step 1 – Create a Google Analytics Account

If you don’t have an account in GA already go and get a free one here.

Once you complete the signup process and account setup you will get a JavaScript code like below.

Step 2 – Add the Analytics code to your WordPress Theme

To add the analytics code to your WordPress theme, you first locate your theme’s footer.php file

Go to Appearance -> Editor -> Locate footer.php -> Then paste the code copied code just before the closing </body> tag.

After copy the code click on Update File. Google Analytics now be able to track every page of your WordPress site.

 3. Make Sure the Analytics Code is Working

It’s is necessary to make sure that the code is working fine. For this, login back to the Analytics account.

Click on Admin at the top right ->Tracking code ->And make sure that the Tracking status is Tracking Installed.

And that’s it! Now you have the Analytics code set in place and you’ll soon find the data is started tracking by GA.

Alternative Way to Install the Google Analytics Code

If you’re not confident enough to edit your theme files by your own or you can looking for some extra functionality, you can consider to install the Analytics code through a plugin. You will get quiet a few plugins from WordPress plugin directory to choose from. Most popular and recommended plugin is Google Analytics for WordPress.