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Disable the Comment Notification Email in WordPress

Comment notification is a built-in feature in WordPress which informs the administrator when someone posts a comment or a comment held for moderation. This functionality is automatically enabled in all new installations.

Comment notification functionality can be extremely handy if you want to keep an eye on your WordPress blog all the time. But the same can be irritating at times when lots of comments receive in a short period of time and your important mails flood in the comment notification mails.

In this article you will find how to disable the comment notification from your WordPress dashboard.

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
2. Go to Settings -> Discussion
3. Find the option ‘E-mail me whenever’ and uncheck both the options.

WordPress will stop sending you the notification emails once you uncheck both the options.

This is a simple tip but one of the most asked question by new WordPress bloggers.

AllWPSEO Tip: Sometimes you may get comment notification from the blogs which you don’t own. This happens because you commented a blog and knowingly or unknowingly subscribed for new comment notifications through plugins like Subscribe to Comments. If this is the case, most of those plugins have unsubscribe link in the email itself. You can easily unsubscribe through that link.