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Is SEO really useful for your business?

The world has changed a lot ever since the advent of the internet. Today millions of people around the world search for local businesses not the streets of their city, but on the World Wide Web. Why wouldn’t they? For one thing, it is really simple to search for business online! You just take your smartphone and get Google search and the world opens up for you! Now most businesses think that just by having a website on the internet their business would be found by customers on the web. But is that really so?

The thing is that if you are not a big multinational corporation, it is most likely that most of your traffic comes from search engines. People usually go to search engines like Google but usually don’t search with company name. Instead they use a generic term such as ‘bakery in Sydney’. Now when he does that, he gets a list of bakeries in town. If you have a bakery in Sydney yourself, but your website does not show up on the top of the rankings then you are practically losing business. This is where Search Engine Optimisation or SEO comes to the rescue! It is a set of techniques which makes sure that your website turns out on the top page whenever such relevant words or phrases are searched. Needless to say, this increases you chances of getting the customer. So if you really want to thrive in today’s digital world, then SEO is a thing you would not want to ignore!