WordPress Blog Packages

Entry Level Blog

Our Entry Level Blog WordPress Installation Services at All WordPress SEO provide the average blogger with everything needed for a simple, secure, and successful blog. It means you will be able to start blogging as soon as the site goes live and start monetizing immediately.

You will choose from among many themes we offer with our services. This way you can be certain that your blog will suit your taste and style.

Anti-spam controls will be functional from the start to block undesirable spam comments, limiting your blog content to healthy and relevant material. To build your content, you will receive notifications of all comments posted by your visitors and when you write your valuable content, your blog will proofread your writing for you. In these ways, you can both reply quickly to visitors and be assured that your content remains perfect.

Since social networking is so significant in people’s everyday lives, social media integration is likewise critical to any blog that expects a significant amount of traffic and WordPress Installation Services would not be complete without it. Social integration contributes to the building of traffic through a kind of word-of-mouth referral.

Another expected feature of any serious WordPress Installation Services is an RSS feed. Think of this like a newspaper for your site. People can read the latest entries and browse through just a summary of each post to find what they want to read in-depth. They do this through a news reader. Your RSS feed will already be up and running when the site goes live.

For security, you can rest at night, even with our Entry Level Blog service, knowing that your blog is being backed up for safety, in case of disaster. It is better safe than sorry.

Finally, any reputable blogger will want to earn some money off their hard work. Our Entry Level Blog comes with business power stuffed inside. We write a Privacy Policy page that adheres to Google’s guidelines, configure Google Analytics with advanced tracking, and set up prime Adsense spots for your ads in your blog to begin earning right away.

Our WordPress Installation Services at All WordPress SEO do not stop there. We also configure a customized Welcome dialog that addresses new visitors differently than returning ones. Imagine how well this could contribute to building your subscriber list! The personal touch to our WordPress Installation Services, though, comes with the 1 hour of customization in accordance with your requests. Contact us to order your Entry Level Blog package and be up and running in 1-3 days, guaranteed.

What You Will Get:

  • WordPress installation
  • Entry level plugins
  • Pre-installation of Your Pick from our Entry Level Themes
  • Pre-installed Contact Form
  • Pre-integrated Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, … )
  • Pre-configured Backups
  • Turnaround time: 1-3 days

Advanced SEO Business Blog

Our Advanced SEO Blog WordPress Installation Services give you the foundation of the Entry Level Blog services, but build on this with mission critical SEO features that any reputable business person requires for their site. We understand that your business is not running a simple blog, but a full-fledged business site. That means you have special professional requirements and we at All WordPress SEO have designed our services for you.

We will create your business logo for you at no additional charge, because we understand that the logo is one of the most important features of a business. This is the symbol the customer will keep in their mind to remember you by and it must be powerful and effective for them to think of your business in association with this image.

With our Advanced SEO Blog package you can view your stats directly within your WordPress dashboard. This makes your job simpler in tracking your visitors and designing content to target their demographics.

Another simpler task is embedding video. With our Professional SEO Blog WordPress Installation Services all you have to do is add a ‘v’ to the URL of a video and paste this URL into your site. You do not need the longer embed code to place video. Simpler is better.

Your professional SEO Blog will be set to automatically notify (ping) more than 300 services each time you add content to your. This will greatly improve your visibility on the Internet, increasing the likelihood of being found and increasing your traffic. The end result is an increase in sales and monetization of ads, assuming you are using the best business practices to convert your visitors to customers. Our ping configuration will be set to prevent your articles from self-pinging and will be optimized to prevent your site from being banned due to excessive pinging. Your site will not be labeled a spam site, with our ping protection in place, but will update these 300 services intelligently.

Additional SEO specific features of our Advanced SEO Blog WordPress Installation Service include an advanced permalink structure that improves SEO performance, other advanced SEO settings that maximize search engine rankings, and Google XML Sitemap auto-generation to expedite search engine indexing.

Our sophisticated security, included in our Advanced SEO Blog WordPress Installation Services, protects your site against malicious attacks. We also protect your images with automatic watermarking.

In addition to security, we are interested in your success. That means your business site must be fast. We include the most advanced caching techniques to speed up your page load time by 2500% to support this increase we also optimize your database to remove outdated revisions of old posts.

Success for a business means money. So we have included, in addition to the optimal ad placements for Adsense, more space for banner ads which you can run to further monetize your site.

We at All WordPress SEO understand what it takes to build a professional presence on the Internet and we have designed our Advanced SEO Blog WordPress Installation Services to meet those needs, including also 3 hours of customization in accordance with your requests. Contact us to order your SEO Business Site package and be up and running in 2-5 days, guaranteed.

What You Will Get:

  • Latest WordPress installation
  • SEO Business level plugins
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimized
  • Pre-installation of Your Pick from our SEO Business Level Themes
  • Your Custom Business Logo designed by our team of professionals
  • Pre-configured Google Analytics
  • Pre-installed Contact Form
  • Pre-integrated Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, … )
  • Pre-configured Backups